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Winemaker Zoom Tasting- Casa Comerci

Winemaker Zoom Tasting- Casa Comerci
Wednesday, July 27th~ 5pm

Casa Comerci was one of the wineries I was most surprised by and impressed with during my recent trip to Italy. Along with Marc and Paula from Girasole, I had dinner with Rosa Comerci and Michele Battaglia on my first night in Verona and I found them to be funny, warm, and dedicated to their passion to making natural wines from the rare native grapes of Calabria, a region not usually known for wine production. The farm has been in the family for centuries and you can tell the family tradition and legacy informs everything they do. Even though these are traditionally made wines, they are very much the type of wines that are currently "in vogue"- organically farmed, fermented with native yeasts, and bottled with minimal sulfur. Most importantly, they are delicious and joyful to drink. We visited them during the VinItaly convention that week and tasted through their entire lineup of wines, and I was especially enchanted with the red wines made from Magliocco Canino, a grape which was unknown to me. -Ryan Smith, Enoteca Direct

Rosa Comerci will be joining us live on Zoom from Italy to discuss their wines, winery and philosophy.

Purchase a tasting kit to enjoy five Casa Comerci wines along with us in the comfort of your own home!

Each tasting kit will contain a four ounce tasting bottle of the following wines:

  • 2021 Greco Bianco 'Refulu'
  • 2021 Rosato 'Granatu'
  • 2021 Greco 'Jancu' Orange Wine
  • 2019 Libici Rosso
  • 2019 a' Bata Rosso
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