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Natural Wines of Italy Tasting

Natural Wines of Italy Tasting
Saturday, June 18th: 1pm-4pm

Are you interested in learning more about natural wines?

Join us for this fun and educational tasting of natural wines from Italy. We will taste 12 wines for only $25.

What is natural wine? Well, we'll discuss that during the tasting (hint: there is no definition- it's more of a concept than a defined category), but the main characteristics that we feel "natural" wine shares include:

  • biodynamic/organic farming
  • handpicked fruit
  • native yeast fermentations
  • no sugar or acid additions in the cellar
  • no fining or filtration
  • minimal or no sulfur additions

We'll be tasting a whole host of wines from amazing wineries from all over the boot, including the following:

  • Cantina Morone- Campania
  • Annesanti- Umbria
  • Casa Comerci- Calabria
  • Grippaldi- Sicily
  • Due Terre- Sicily
  • Terenzuola- Tuscany
  • L'Arco- Veneto
  • Tenuta I Fauri- Abruzzo
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