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2021 Voštinić Klasnić Skrlet

2021 Voštinić Klasnić Skrlet
Moslavina, Croatia

Okay, so raise your hands if you’ve tasted Skrlet before. Anyone? Okay, me neither – which is what I LOVE about my job! I get to seek out the weird and wonderful of the wine world. At this point, I have lots of folks who know this and who think of me whenever they come across a grape, region or producer they’ve never heard of – which I also love. So it was that Jason, who is the distributor for all the Greek wines and producers I love, contacted me immediately when this wine landed. He knew it was a perfect wine for one of my wine clubs – and he was right! He popped in for me to taste it – knowing that I was under pressure to find my club wines for June – and Bingo! It was a done deal! This is my kinds wine – weird, totally obscure, very unique…and it's a great wine for summer drinking! This is one of those wines you pull out to totally blow the minds of your guests AND make you look like a total “wine guru!” You can be the ones to introduce your social circle to the wonders of Skrlet! If you want to learn more about Skrlet and the wine scene in Croatia, click HERE. ~Mike Guerra, Enoteca Direct

100% Ŝkrlet. All grapes are harvested by hand in the early morning hours in order to start vinification as coldly as possible. Vinification is done by fast procedure; primary processing, pressing grapes, and filling stainless steel tanks. Once the must has naturally precipitated and cooled to the desired temperature, a flow of must is made to remove all sediment and impurities and fermentation can begin. The wines are aged in stainless steel tanks until they are bottled.

Škrlet is a young, light, and playful type of wine. Packed with flowery aromas, herbal notes, and fruity tastes, Ideal for hot summer days. Wine made from Škrlet is clear and of light yellow color. It has higher acidity and low alcohol, making it light, playful, refreshing, and easy to drink. It is rich with flowery aromas, herbal notes and fruity tastes, so it often evokes associations to pineapple, peaches and apples. 

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