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2021 Florèz 'Poilu's Pinard'

2021 Florèz 'Poilu's Pinard'

A lean and quirky Picpoul from the Dunnigan Hills was blended with a ripe and jammy pinot from the Santa Cruz mountains to balance each other out and make an unpretentious and scrumptious blend. Pinard is French slang for wine, which originated from the WWI rationed wine that the French infantrymen loved so much. The infantryman also had a slang name which is “poilu” or “the hairy one”, as they typically were rustic countrymen sporting bushy mustaches or beards. The picpoul was destemmed and rested on its skins for one night for additional flavors and structure before being pressed off and fermented in stainless steel. The cuvee was then racked into barrel where it sat on the lees for 6 months. The pinot came as extra from a vineyard that was converted to organic at our request. This led to some complications with this batch of fruit and it ended up coming into the cellar at a very high sugar level, high enough where the native yeasts could not ferment the juice to dryness without a water addition. So in the spirit of supporting our grower, we decided to accept the fruit as it was and made the water addition. Due to some aging problems in the picpoul, test blends were made with the pinot and picpoul, which led to the wonderful discovery that together these two wines that were troubled by themselves came together to make a delicious light red! Thus the two wines were blended together, and Poilu’s Pinard was created. Unfined, unfiltered, and no ameliorations save a total SO2 of 15 PPM.

A beautiful ruby red color, this easy-drinking fun summer wine exudes aromas of peach yogurt, cream and red fruits, with a red-fruited and medium tannin palate. A crushable red, this wine is a fun drink and is tasting fabulous right now. Enjoy!

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