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2021 Bura-Mrgudić Rukatac (Skin Contact)

2021 Bura-Mrgudić Rukatac (Skin Contact)
Dalmatia, Croatia

100% organic Rukatac. Organic farming; red clay/limestone bedrock soils, 7 day skin maceration; bottled unfined with 10ppm SO2; 13% ABV. Rukatac is a grape that is locally also known as Maraština, or Malvasia Bianca Lunga in Tuscany.

Tasting Notes

The deep red clay soils on the coastal cliffs of Pelješac produce a skin-contact white that has an aromatic apricot and pear nose and a well-balanced acidity.  The 7 day skin maceration and limestone bedrock create a perfect amount of tannic, chalky grip without diminishing the stone fruit, leaving you ready for your next sip. This wine develops as it warms up. Leave it on ice upon opening, or simply set it on the table and enjoy the journey.

About Bura

The Bura family has been growing grapes making wine on the Pelješac peninsula, parallel to Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, for hundreds of years, but only since the fall of the Communist era have they been able to focus on quality, as before 60% of their harvest had to be turned over to the government co-ops. Now young Mare Bura is making the wine, having taken over from her uncle Niko. Literally artisan garagistes, with the winemaking setup on the ground floor of the house, the Bura’s are one of Dalmatia’s leaders in quality – because they focus on vineyard health, not “making” the wine.

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