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2019 Zorzettig Verduzzo

2019 Zorzettig Verduzzo
Friuli, Italy

100% Verduzzo. The grapes are harvested and left to dry naturally in crates for about two months in the breezes of the eastern winds. After careful selection, the grapes are apressed and the must is left to ferment at a controlled temperature. Once the alcoholic fermentation is over, the new wine is raked into first and second use 500L oak barrels, where it ages six to eight months. After bottling, the wine rests in the cellar for at least two months.

Golden yellow color with light amber reflections. The aroma is intense, fine and elegant, with notes of ripe apricot and chestnut honey. In the mouth, it is sweet, warm, harmonious, and elegant with a long, satisfying finish.

The thing about this wine is that, while it is sweet, it is also very light: nearly on the order of a Riesling, with still enough acidity to pair with certain entrees if you are so inclined. That being said, the most common pairing would be with simple cookies and cakes, mature/hard cheese, nuts, and dried fruit. Will also pair well with pat├ęs.

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